The two popular scope cover choice among gun men

For those who have been thinking whether to buy a scope cover or not then this is what they should know. Scope cover is very necessary for the protection of the scope lens. Scope lens are expensive as well as very sensitive. They are highly sensitive to any changes in the weather too. Along with the climatic conditions, they are also sensitive to dust and moisture. Breakage is also what can happen to the lens. In order to protect the lens the scope cover is a must use.

Importance of the scope lens

Whether you are set in the jungle for deer hunting or in the no man’s land protecting your country the lens is the most important part of the rifle. Before you move your fingers to the trigger and pull the trigger it is important to first see the enemy or the prey and then target to it. To see the target clearly and properly the lens is required. There are different kinds of lens. Lenses are pretty expensive. The higher the capacity of the lens to view the higher is the price.

Just like there are different kinds of lens of different capacities. There are different cases and covers which are there to cover it and protect it.

  • Flip open scope covers are popular choice among many hunters. You definitely would like keep your lens protected but also not miss the shot. Flip open covers are for that extra protection of the lens and also not missing the shot because with one light press of the lid, the lid opens. Flip open covers are perfect for shooting without missing on the target and without many any sound. Flip cover come with adjustable knobs and therefore fit on most of the scope lens comfortably. The scope covers keep the lens waster and moisture free. Also have the ability to function under adverse climate. The scope covers have been designed keeping in mind the hand usage preference of both left and right handed.
  • The multi flex opening flip lid of the scope is also a popular choice. They are preferred greatly by people when they are on their expedition as well as for storage. They protect the lens from damage, dust, snow and cloud. The multi flex scope cover is of great preference by hunters. Easy open up and adjusting rim makes the flip open easily and fit tightly on to the scope without any disturbance.

Having scope protectors therefore is a must.

Scope cover to protect your scope from expensive damages

Scope cover is a must. A scope cover is an external protective layer on the scope to protect the scope. Since rifles and guns are used not at home and other comfortable places the rifle along with the scope needs to be protected. It has been a thumb rule long back that the price of the scope should be half of that of the gun. Therefore it is understandable that the scope is crucial and it needs to be protected always.

Need for scope covers

Guns and rifles are used in forest and other areas which may have rugged topography. When hunting or fighting enemies gunmen might get misbalanced and may fall with the rifle in such case the rifle might hit against hard surface resulting to breaking. This is when the scope cover protects the scope. Along with hitting and protecting against hard surfaces and damaging the scope there are other ways by which the scope cover protects the scope. In case of extreme climatic conditions the scope cover protects the scope from heat and cold. There are extremes of climate where the gunmen might have to operate during those times the scope cover is of great using in protecting the lens of the scope.

For those who function in the desert region they have to keep the lens protected from dust. Dust cases scratches on the lens thus prevents from viewing the target clearly.

Plastic flip flop covers

There are different kinds of scope protectors which are available. The most common ones which are available are the flip flop ones of plastic. They need to fit the scope perfectly to give protection to the scope. Ill fitted scope coverings do not good to the scope. Perfectly fitted scope covers are mandatory. In case of the plastic hinge flip flop scope protectors size is a matter of concern. There are various measurement charts which are available. Read and find out which perfect fits in the scope you are using.

Neoprene rubber covers

Along with the plastic ones there are cushion scope protectors also. The scope protectors are made of neoprene rubber. This rubber protectors does not use clips and strings and thus very easily to snap of and on. These rubber bands around protects from moisture and bump. The 2mm of thickness on the rubber bands are thick enough to protect the scope lens.

Scope covers do not cost a hefty amount. Rather not having a scope cover can cost an expensive loss

Scope cover of different types to protect the scope lens

For protection of the rifle scope cover is a must. The scope covers are available widely. They are different kinds of covers, cases and bags available for carrying and protecting the scope covers. Scope lens used to see the target is very important. In order to hit the bullet perfectly without missing it the scope lens has to be clear and has to be kept clean. A single dust particle in the lens can damage the lens and hinder clarity. The lens of the scope is expensive and therefore it needs to be protected from not only dust particles as well as from other suspended matter in the atmosphere.

Along with protection from these, protection from breaking of the lens is what the scope covers provide. The scope cover provides extra cushion around the scope to prevent it from bumping and breaking down.

There are different types of scope cover which can be purchased. Some of the variants are listed below-

Flip Open Scope Cover

  • Waterproof- this type of case is waterproof. Moisture has always been bad for lens therefore protecting it from water is what the case does.
  • Air light- prevents the lens from getting affected by the dust matter
  • Custom fit – there are adjustable knobs which fits for all scope cover
  • Easy open system- the cover has one touch lid opening system.


  • Adjustable knobs allowing it to fit with most scopes
  • Quiet spring systems with allows easy opening of the knob
  • See through system which provide protection and allows seeing without opening the knob
  • Weatherproof protection

Bikini Scope Cover is of rubber

  • Bikini protectors have seal which protects from dust and moisture
  • Single bikini scope can be used for different lens scope
  • Not only it is fit for rifles but also pistols and shotguns


  • Tight and flexible with all scope cover
  • Flip cover provided

Each of these scope covers has their own specifications. Each is different from the other. Each of these however serves the purpose protecting the lens against different harm that might affect it.

Scope cover is not highly expensive. But most of the times people tend to avoid it. There are also padded bags for scope covering and scope protection. They are great for carrying the scope and can also be used to with the rifle in the mounted position.

Rifle scope with muzzle cover for the scope lens

Scope cover is of great importance. Scope covers are not expensive but they are some how mostly neglected by people. Those who are in hunting for them setting the target are most needed. For seeing the target what they need is a lens. If the lens is dirty and has scratches will they be able to set the target. The answer is no. therefore is keep the lens untouched what is most needed is a scope cover.

Scope covers are generally not provided along with the rifle scope. They need to be purchased separately, for which most people avoid it. But that’s not the correct approach. There are different lens power and on that depends the prices. The higher the clarity the lens provides the greater is the price. There is one big enemy of the lens that moisture. They need to be protected from the moisture just like from the scratches and therefore scope cover is most needed.

Riflescope with muzzle cover is a great way to keep the scope in protection. The muzzle cover riflescope is big padded bag which allows tension free carrying of the scope of the rifles without any damage caused to it. This padded bag not only allows to easily carrying the scope but also allows the rifle to function with the scope being cover in the mounted position when not needed. The 18 inch padded muzzle cover bag has buckles for adjustment. You can tighten and also loosen the hold as and when they are required. The scope cover also comes with added pouches on the sides. The added pouches on the sides allow the user to carry different accessories like batteries and chargers. There is also a handle attached to the scope protector for easy movement of the rifle.  The scope protectors are generally dark colours to allow easy camouflaging.

These covers are made of polyester and thus protect the lens from rain and also other harsh climatic conditions. These scope covers is 18 inch long and therefore a 16 inch long scope can snugly fit inside the cover with any hassle.

This padded case is great protector for the expensive gear on which you have spent a lot. In order to keep such a tressure with great care scope cover is a must. These scope covers are hardy and last a long time without any wear and tear of it.

Protecting the scope is very important

Tactical scope cover with muzzle cover has been recommended to many gunmen and army men and even to professional hunters. These scope covers are a must to keep their rifle scope protected all the time. When on the move as well as for storing, the tactical scope cover is a great friend to the lens of the scope. Lens are sensitive they need to be protected from not only moisture but also from dust, smoke and particulate matter.

These scope protectors have been designed with great care only to keep the lens away from damage. Damaged caused to the lens cannot be repaired and also it hampers the purpose for which it is being used. The tactical scope cover with muzzle is easily available and they are not too much expensive. The protectors have been designed with great precision in order to give great support to the scope. The inner padding and the adjustment handles have been places with minute calculation so that there is not a single damage.

The scope covering for the lens protects the lens from-

  • Moisture
  • Dur
  • Dust
  • Temperature
  • Man handling

Hitting against any hard object

The scope cover is made of hardy material. They are made of nylon. Nylon is waterproof thus it protects from moisture which is harmful for the lens. The material is hardy and thus does not wear away too quickly. Carrying the case from the one place to another is simple and easy. These protectors are available in different colours. The colours are such that they get camouflaged with the surrounding just aiding to mislead the enemies.  Mostly the tactical scope cover is available in two different sizes 17.75 inch and 19.75 inch. These two sizes are appropriate for keeping the scope inside is properly.

The handle of the cover is wide and hardy and allows easy carrying options. There are many additional pockets to the tactical scope protector with muzzle cover to give other items of need. Each of the pockets is provided with chains.

There are other options too for carrying these lenses in the protected manner. There are cases and pouches along with attachments. These are various options for protecting the lens from any damage. It is crucial to do so because it is through the lens that the target is set and if the clarity is not achieved the hunter can shoot at his target.